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Name: Jessica
Nick Name: Yeska La Morenita
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: New Mexico
Unlimited Texting? Yes
Number: 575-707-8212

: Straight Talk

When Texting Me: Let me know where you got my number from also include your Name, Nick Name, Age, Location, And Gender (Exp: Hi im Jessica AKA Yeska La Morenita. I got your # from LJ. I'm 21/F/NM =))

Additional: I have a boyfriend & we been together since 08-08-07 so if you looking for something more then friends look some where else because you wont find it here.

P.S. Don't text me asking for stupid shit like nude pics or other shit like that!

we need more people

this group is so boring...if there was more people then maybe it wouldnt be as boring as it is now...   :( ok well then i guess thats it so..yeah...


Well I'm Pretty Bored,
Boyss.. Text Me (:

Or juss anyone. haha.
this group looks coll but it needs a lot more people!

I Ran Out of Grape Soda!

:( i ran out of grape soda :( well i'm going to the store to get some more :) mwahaha!

First Post: Welcome

Do you talk too much or do you just like to think outside the box? Well if that was a question then too bad! Don't answer it!

Post and talk here for all to see or just for us

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